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Forgetting Your Passwords May Be A Good Thing

February 1, 2017 OneFaceIn
OFI Biometrics Password Manager

It’s Time To Leave Your Passwords In The Past You are logging into a webpage… to find yourself denied because your password is “incorrect.” What… You retype the same password thinking maybe you spelled it incorrectly. Busy singing the chorus to your new favorite song while thinking of today’s priority…
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Quick & Easy Security Measures To Secure Your Smartphone Right Now

December 28, 2016 OneFaceIn
OneFaceIn Biometric Password Manager

1. Lock your phone with a passcode or fingerprint This is the simplest way to add an initial layer of security to your device. When setting your device’s passcode or fingerprint authentication, configure your device to lock after a short period of time. The shorter the session time, the more…
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Is your smartphone vulnerable to hacking? Take the quiz!

November 29, 2016 OneFaceIn

So you want to secure your smartphone? Do not let your device be the next hack. Your information is too valuable to be insecure. Take our FREE quiz to determine how vulnerable your smartphone is to hacking and make the necessary changes to stay safe online.
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5 Steps For Securing Your Smartphone With OneFaceIn

August 17, 2016 OneFaceIn
OneFaceIn, Biometric Password Manager

Security is often overlooked when handling our smartphone devices. From mobile banking and investing, to email and social media, our personal information has made its way into the palm of our hands. These devices can be lost or stolen when we least expect it, leaving our information at the disposal…
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How To Enroll Your Biometrics With OneFaceIn

August 8, 2016 OneFaceIn
OneFaceIn Biometrics Password Manager

You have forgotten all of your passwords and opted to take advantage of today’s newest biometric technology. The password is a thing of the past, face and voice recognition is here to stay and it’s time to enroll your biometrics. You can not remember your biometrics or write them down in…
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Biometric Authentication: The Key to Convenience

August 4, 2016 OneFaceIn
OneFaceIn Biometric Password manager

Smartphone users demand quick access to their favorite apps and websites without hassle. Current infrastructures, using traditional passwords, add major road blocks between users and their desired information. The world is at our fingertips, yet locked behind letters, numbers and special characters that are often forgotten. There is nothing convenient…
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Biometric Technology for Security and Convenience

June 14, 2016 OneFaceIn
OneFaceIn Biometric Password Manager

Biometric technologies have evolved into some of today’s most innovative security mechanisms. Already widely used by police, military and other government agencies, biometric face and voice recognition technologies have yet to become readily accessible for consumer use. Until now. OneFaceIn has developed it’s application using face and voice recognition for identity…
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