Biometric Authentication: The Key to Convenience

August 4, 2016 OneFaceIn
OneFaceIn Biometric Password manager

Smartphone users demand quick access to their favorite apps and websites without hassle. Current infrastructures, using traditional passwords, add major road blocks between users and their desired information. The world is at our fingertips, yet locked behind letters, numbers and special characters that are often forgotten. There is nothing convenient about typing and retyping passwords, forgetting and resetting passwords, or disabling your device from too many failed attempts.

Convenience seems to influence security as users remain “logged in” to their apps and websites hindering security but increasing convenience. Social media, email, mobile investing and payments, notes, etc. have become mainstay data accessible to anyone who may come into possession of our devices. Smartphones have become the new desktop computer, yet users have left their security measures behind.

It all comes back to convenience, fast paced lifestyles, and an information overload. How can we protect our personal information without losing convenience? Shorter passwords consisting of your dog’s name and your birthday are not the answer. Authentication methods have evolved and uncovered multi-modal biometric solutions dramatically changing the way information is accessed and secured.

What are biometrics? Biometrics are human characteristics in statistical form used for identification. Everyone has unique traits that can be calculated from their intrinsic physical features. Face and voice recognition paired together by OneFaceIn, a biometric password manager, are changing the way people use and secure their smartphones. Rather than leaving apps and websites “logged in,” or locked behind hard to remember passwords, OneFaceIn allows users to “log in” to their favorite apps and websites with their face and voice. If users are in a loud setting, in which their voice cannot be properly captured, they may choose to use just their face. If users are in an environment that is too dark, they may choose to use just their voice. For optimal security, face and voice are recommended, but all options are conveniently secure.

OneFaceIn has recognized this friction between convenience and security and ultimately eliminated the password. This has allowed for faster access and safer storage. So where do all these “left over” passwords go? OneFaceIn is a biometric password manager that stores all of your usernames and passwords so you never have to remember them again.

Biometric authentication is rapidly changing the way users move about their smartphones. The key to smartphone convenience is fast access without forgoing security. Now your smartphone can recognize you the same way we recognize each other… with your face and voice. The password has evolved. Join the revolution in smartphone security!

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