Biometric Technology for Security and Convenience

June 14, 2016 OneFaceIn
OneFaceIn Biometric Password Manager

Biometric technologies have evolved into some of today’s most innovative security mechanisms. Already widely used by police, military and other government agencies, biometric face and voice recognition technologies have yet to become readily accessible for consumer use. Until now. OneFaceIn has developed it’s application using face and voice recognition for identity verification with a comfortable feel and fast enrollment process.

“Keeping our user’s convenience and on demand lifestyles in mind, we wanted to build a product that not only has a great user experience but is also accurate and reliable. Smartphone security is often overlooked and limited by traditional passwords. Using face and voice recognition allows users to increase their mobile security faster than ever before.”
–Colleen Howell, Founder of OneFaceIn

People are faced with the need to create, remember and change a vast number of passwords to access web content and mobile apps on a daily basis. Whether seeking optimal mobile security, or just intrigued by new technology, biometrics are changing the way we protect our information. But how does it work exactly?

OneFaceIn is powered by Sensory’s TrulySecure technology, measuring and quantifying both face and voice data points that are stored and matched upon each enrollment and subsequent sign-in. Conveniently, OneFaceIn does not require a web based connection as everything is synced to your device and locally encrypted and decrypted. You are secure no matter where you go.

Facial Recognition

OneFaceIn uses your smartphones front facing camera to capture your facial characteristics. Think of it as a security selfie! Data points such as the distance between eyes, width of nose, depth of eye sockets, shape of cheekbones and length of jaw line are detected and quantified and then locally stored on user devices. Liveness detection adds an additional level of security against still images.

Voice Recognition

OneFaceIn uses your smartphone’s microphone to capture your voice’s frequency patterns. During the initial onboarding process, users are asked to repeat a phrase three times consecutively. These features are also quantified and turned into data points. For each new sign-in, your voice is matched with the stored data points and either rejected or granted access.

Multimodal Authentication

Once an app or site is opened, OneFaceIn prompts the user to center their face and capture their audio. Once complete, the screen disappears and the app logs in successfully. Biometric technologies, specifically face and voice recognition, have added a multimodal security layer to user’s smartphones through quick and easy authentication without passwords. OneFaceIn allows users to protect their favorite mobile apps and websites with their face and voice. This form of multimodal biometric recognition enhances not only security but also convenience. Because ambient noise or dark light can affect this process, security settings can be changed to align with your preferences and atmosphere.

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