Forgetting Your Passwords May Be A Good Thing

February 1, 2017 OneFaceIn
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It’s Time To Leave Your Passwords In The Past

You are logging into a webpage… to find yourself denied because your password is “incorrect.” What… You retype the same password thinking maybe you spelled it incorrectly. Busy singing the chorus to your new favorite song while thinking of today’s priority work tasks… you find yourself denied yet again.

We are busy, distracted and demanding, as time is not abundant and information at our fingertips is how we prefer our information. This cycle is all too familiar. “Is my username the problem? Maybe I added an exclamation point to my password for this account?” After 6 incorrect password attempts, you have been locked out of your account for the next 10 minutes.

In the midst of following a series of clicks and emails (also password protected) you have successfully been prompted to “reset your password.” Your password must be at least 12 characters yada yada… “how will I ever remember this!” Talk about a good user experience… NOT!

Side note: when you wrote down that password in your smartphone’s notes or the notebook on your desk, you just created a shiny object glistening in the eye of loving hackers. Juicy.

Let’s take a moment to think of all the things about cyber security that frustrates us. Passwords… passwords… and more passwords? Anything else? Let’s now take a moment of silence for these passwords as we leave them in the past. Can we call them “pastwords” now? Yes cheesy, but it is time to leave your passwords in the past. Forgetting your passwords is officially a good thing. Lets propose a toast!

We will now list a few stats for your data driven and technical state of mind because who believes what they read on the web anyway… unless in this case, it has been provided by The US Department of Homeland Security and their cyber security campaign: STOP. THINK. CONNECT.

  • There were 17,600,000 victims of identify theft in 2014, with an average loss per theft of $3,931. 

  • More than 864,236,208 personal records have been exposed since 2005. Each stolen record costs an average of $221.

  • Companies lose about $15,000,000 every year due to data breaches.

And now we will introduce some vocabulary words for today’s recreational reading (smile)

Passwords: A form of security that has since gone extinct. Long, long ago these things were used to protect accounts such as MySpace, MSN Messenger and Napster. If you still use one of these “passwords,” you may be subject to penalty as they are explicitly outlined on the endangered species list. They should not be in your possession.

Biometrics: Metrics and data points used to quantify human characteristics. What was once recognized as futuristic technology, is now available in the palm of your hands for optimal cyber security. Biometrics applications are often found in the hands of smart, attractive and proactive individuals.

Shameless plug, we know… but your safety and cyber security is our priority. But don’t take our word for it, try it out yourself.

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