How To Enroll Your Biometrics With OneFaceIn

August 8, 2016 OneFaceIn
OneFaceIn Biometrics Password Manager

You have forgotten all of your passwords and opted to take advantage of today’s newest biometric technology. The password is a thing of the past, face and voice recognition is here to stay and it’s time to enroll your biometrics. You can not remember your biometrics or write them down in a notebook. You cannot forget your biometrics or hack them. Unlike passwords, biometrics are you, and no one else, making your information secure and conveniently available. OneFaceIn uses face and voice recognition to identify your physical attributes and confirm your identity. If someone tries to authenticate on your device, OneFaceIn will not recognize the face or voice and keep your favorite apps and websites secure.

To make sure you are using OneFaceIn’s biometric, face and voice recognition software properly and to its full potential, we recommend following a few important tips. By realizing your environment, recognizing your face and voice, and providing real time feedback, OneFaceIn’s biometrics recognition software is sensitive, yet responsive. Don’t worry, enrolling your biometrics is a simple and easy process. Take the time to follow a few quick tips, and take control of your smartphone security.

Find a quiet and well lit area.

OneFaceIn’s biometric, face and voice recognition software forms data points from your face and voice. Using your smartphone’s front facing camera to capture your facial characteristics, data points such as the distance between eyes, width of nose, depth of eye sockets, shape of cheekbones and length of jaw line are detected and quantified. If you are in a dark environment for the enrollment process, OneFaceIn will be unable to recognize your unique attributes. If enrolling in the outdoors, make sure to keep the sun to your face to minimize shadows. Proper lighting is key for a smooth enrollment process.

For optimal mobile security, OneFaceIn also uses your smartphone’s microphone to capture your voice’s frequency patterns. Finding a quiet environment is key for understanding your patterns and quantifying these data points. If your environment is too loud from ambient noise, OneFaceIn will not be able to capture your voice. During this process, OneFaceIn provides realtime feedback in your screen’s upper left hand corner. Taking the time to find a quiet and well lit area will ensure your enrollment process is fast and smooth. After you have enrolled your biometrics, check out the security settings. Here you can adjust your authentication settings to require “face and voice,” or “face or voice” if you are frequenting loud areas, or dark environments.

Center your face in the oval and say “Log me in OneFaceIn” 3 times when prompted.

OneFaceIn’s enrollment process features a large highlighted oval in the center of your screen. Center your face within the oval, making sure your full composition fills the empty space. If your face is to close to the camera, only half in frame, or obstructed by an object, OneFaceIn’s biometric, face and voice recognition software will be unable to capture your facial features. Think of OneFaceIn as a security selfie. When centering your face within the oval, make sure to smile and look alive!

OneFaceIn uses “liveness detection” to add an additional level of security against still images. During this initial enrollment process, users are also asked to repeat “Log me in OneFaceIn” three times consecutively. Follow the 3 check mark icons at the bottom of your screen when repeating the prompted phrase. They will highlight upon successes by speaking clearly when prompted by the flashing phrase above the oval.

Once you have enrolled your biometrics, begin adding your favorite apps and websites, adjust your preferred settings and join the revolution in smartphone security! Follow these quick tips and be on your way with OneFaceIn.

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