Quick & Easy Security Measures To Secure Your Smartphone Right Now

December 28, 2016 OneFaceIn
OneFaceIn Biometric Password Manager

1. Lock your phone with a passcode or fingerprint

This is the simplest way to add an initial layer of security to your device. When setting your device’s passcode or fingerprint authentication, configure your device to lock after a short period of time. The shorter the session time, the more secure your device will be.

Even with this protection, never leave your device unattended in public places.

2. Only install apps from trusted sources

When looking for cool new apps to download, only shop in reputable app stores such as the Google Play Store.

Always avoid downloading non-market or unstable applications by deselecting the “unknown sources” option in your device’s application settings.

Read app reviews before hand to guarantee legitimacy and always read app privacy policies to make sure app developers are not sharing your data with third parties.

3. Back up your device’s data and update your device and its applications as often as possible

This is very easy and important. By backing up your device, and updating regularly, you can ensure your information is retrievable if it is deleted. If your device is stolen you can retrieve lost information as well.

Having the latest security settings ensures your device is performing at its optimal level.

4. Use a password manager

Using a password manager allows you to use a different password for every account because you no longer have to remember your passwords.

Make sure to use generated passwords that are greater than 12 characters, use numbers and symbols, and lower and upper case letters.

5. Only use secure wifi and sign out when you are not using it

Never log into your bank or other sensitive accounts when on public wifi as your information can be accessed by hackers on the same connection.

6. Log out of your apps and websites every time

Specifically banking and shopping sites, social and email, etc.

7. Do not click on links or attachments coming from contacts you do not recognize

Never send sensitive information through email or text even if it looks like the requester is from your bank, a friend or employer.

Follow these 7 simple security measures and you can confidently keep your sensitive information secure. Are you in need of a password manager that offers multi-modal authentication? OneFaceIn is a password manager using leading security technology: your face and voice biometrics. Check it out in the Google Play Store!

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