Recognizing and Combating Cybercrime: A Look Back On National Cyber Security Awareness Month

November 6, 2016 OneFaceIn
OneFaceIn Biometric Password Manager

With the ever growing concern for mobile security, complimented by increasing smartphone adoption rates worldwide, combating cybercrime has never been more relevant and imperative than today. According to Statista, 58.9% of the United States, and 25.3% of the world owned a smartphone in 2015. This rate of smartphone adoption is expected to nearly double by 2020.

“National Cyber Security Awareness Month is a great opportunity to educate and inform consumers about their personal smartphone safety. We live fast paced lifestyles and it is easy to forget about the importance of using strong password managers, making smart internet choices and keeping a clean machine. OneFaceIn is excited to join the National Cyber Security Alliance and champion this movement. ”

– Carey Anderson, Co founder of OneFaceIn

Tucked away in our pockets lie a device crucial to our everyday lives. We can send text messages, take photos and video, send emails, bank, invest, and now pay for things by simply swiping our finger. All of these new technologies and applications have made life easier (or more complicated) by storing endless data and accessibility in one place… tucked away in our pockets. As employees begin configuring their smartphones to access company information, children begin sharing sensitive information socially, and young adults enter a new wave of mobile payment methods and financial services, the opportunities for cyber criminals flourish. But with the right educational resources and guidance, consumers can confidently stay safe with a plethora of organizations leading the way.

OneFaceIn Biometric Password Manager

With the goal of educating and empowering the global digital society to use the internet safely and securely, the National Cyber Security Alliance has brought together public and private sector organizations, non-profits, and the United States government to combat cybercrime. The NCSA, in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security has developed the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. campaign to help people understand not only the risks that come with using the Internet, but also the importance of practicing safe online behavior. Striving to protect and secure mobile devices, OneFaceIn has registered as a champion organization supporting this movement. As we look back on the month of October, now officially proclaimed as National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we would like to reflect on what we have learned thus far.


Our apps, websites and personal information are protected by passwords and usernames. The average person has 26 password protected accounts and uses the same password for the majority of them. Keeping unique passwords is crucial to staying secure. Astonishingly, 37% of people have to request a new password each month and 90% of passwords are vulnerable to hacking. What does this mean? Keep a password manager to secure and save unique passwords for each of your accounts! It is simple and easy!


Using unique passwords for each account is great! But you can do even better by turning on multi-modal authentication using two factors rather than just one! Rather than using just face biometrics, use face and voice for ultimate security!


Posting information online may reveal more than you had liked. Think before you post about yourself and others. Is this something you will be okay with in the future? How could sharing this information affect yourself and those around you? Sharing your information with care, and #thinkingbeforeyouapp will set the tone moving forward for safe internet practice.

At OneFaceIn, we continue to work toward a safer internet by starting with your mobile device! We began Cyber Security Awareness Month at the Two Steps Ahead: National Cyber Security Awareness Month Kickoff in Washington D.C. and finished the month by releasing our biometrics password manager app in the Google Play Store!


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